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Electric Car Charging


Direct Power Pros offers a full turnkey solution to your EV Charger needs. We offer everything from the most affordable and basic chargers, 40Amp (~8 hours to full charge) and 80A (~4 hours to full charge), all the way up to the Cadillac of EV Chargers (~20 minutes to full charge). Obviously, each of these come with different price points, but depending on your target audience, many find that a basic charger meets their needs.

Plus, the government provides tax incentives! That’s right, the Federal Investment Tax Credit (30% federal tax credit) is available to ALL EV Charger installations. Additional incentives are available depending on state, local government, and utility. For instance, in parts of North Carolina, EV Charger purchasers are paying only $50 after all incentives.

Call us today to find out about incentives available in your area!


In today’s world, more and more Electric Vehicles (EVs) are entering the roadways every day, and your parking lots. As you know, EVs are powered via charging stations, which are far less available than gas stations.
This creates a unique opportunity for businesses to attract customers who need a location to charge their EVs. In certain industries, businesses may even find themselves losing revenue to competitors who do offer these for their customers. Not to mention, they’re not as expensive as you might think!

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Whether an apartment complex or a hotel, providing a place for residents or customers to charge their vehicles has been identified as the #1 reason to select a location for short or long term lodging when making their selection. Ask yourself, if you are in the lodging industry, can you afford to NOT add EV Chargers to your business?


Identified as one of the greatest benefits for owners of EVs when considering a new job was whether or not they could charge their vehicles at work for free. This ranked higher than commute time and only behind healthcare, PTO and employer match on retirement savings! When considering the price involved with the first 3 options, EV Chargers provide a much higher rate of return on investing in your employees.

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Not only are EV Charging Stations are a great marketing tactic to attract customers to your business, but they also will help generate a ROI before you know it. Contact us today to learn more and get a free consultation.

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