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Direct Power Pros was formed in 2021 by professionals from within and outside the solar world.  We realized a great opportunity to create an environment in which sales professionals are supported and also held to the highest ethical standard.  We strive to put the best solar systems together for our clients and ensure the process is smooth from start to finish. 


We believe in a core set of principles...

  1. That solar is the wave of the future and with a strong sales team, can assist in educating the public and providing a platform to create savings for our customers and enhance the adoption of renewable energy.

  2. ​That trust and integrity are the only things we truly have and control in this world.  Once our word is broken, it cannot be undone.

  3. There are many options for going solar, some good and some bad.  It is our job to help the customer navigate them and do what is best for them.  At times, this may come at the expense of making a sale.

  4. We educate first.  You will not be pressured into a sale.

  5. We use only the best installers and the best materials.  We do not cut corners in the installation process and will ensure your project is completed in a timely and professional manner.  We will be by your side throughout until your system is turned on and generating power.

Image by Bill Mead
Image by Andreas Gücklhorn
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