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Aptos Solar Panels is committed to providing customers with the finest technology available in the industry, ensuring the best value for their investment.



AXITEC has established itself as a leading global manufacturer of solar modules, energy storages, and EV chargers, earning a solid reputation over the years.



Panasonic firmly believes in the transformative power of technology to improve our world. With a focus on creating practical, high-quality products.



Hanwha Qcells is a vertically integrated and fully bankable solar solution provider that has established a global presence and market access.



Established in 1996, REC Group is a global solar energy company at the forefront of the industry, focused on providing consumers with accessible and cost-effective solar power solutions.



Silfab Solar is a renowned leader in North America for manufacturing ultra-high-efficiency, top-quality solar panels.


What are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

Lowers overhead costs

Homes, businesses, and agricultural properties that install solar panel systems benefit from lowering their utility bills due to the ownership of a power-generating asset. The costs that come off from these energy bills can bring a big impact - be it a small, medium, or a large system.

Excellent ROI

Incentives provided by the government as well as the reduction in solar panel equipment costs means utilizing solar energy is not only an excellent investment but also a great financial decision for commercial use. Investments in solar panel systems develop both long-term savings and quick returns.

Energy independence

Being able to generate power onsite using solar panel systems gives businesses independence from public utility providers to deliver all of their energy needs. Not depending on outside sources for electricity gives business owners the peace of mind of not worrying about stopping operations in case of a power outage.

Low Maintenance

A solar panel system requires little to no maintenance once installed. An expertly installed system will cleanly and quietly produce energy for 25 to 40 years, depending on the materials used.

Environmentally friendly

Homeowners and businesses can express their participation in the fight against global warming by opting to use solar energy to run their operations. Generating power using a solar panel system helps reduce greenhouse gasses: the leading contributor to global warming. Apart from that, going green can also serve as a great marketing tool since having an environmentally responsible image can develop positive responses from consumers.


For office buildings, hotels, and other commercial spaces, offering free EV chargers to your employees or patrons is a great added benefit you can provide.
Who will benefit most from installing solar panels?


How Do I Get Solar Panels Installed?

Evaluate your energy needs

Before installing solar panels, it's essential to assess your home, business, or farm’s energy needs. Determine how much energy your household currently consumes, as this information will help you determine the size and number of solar panels required to meet your energy needs.

Obtain necessary permits

To install solar panels on your property, you'll need to obtain any necessary permits and approvals from your local government. Your solar installer can guide you through this process and ensure you comply with all regulations.

Choose your solar panel system

There are various solar panel systems available, such as rooftop systems, ground-mounted systems, and carport systems. Work with your solar installer to determine the best system for your home, considering factors like available space and sun exposure.

Determine financing options

While solar panel installations can have upfront costs, there are several financing options to help make it more affordable. Government incentives, grants, tax credits, and leasing options are some avenues to explore to offset the costs and make solar energy more accessible.

Install your solar panels

Once you've selected the appropriate solar panel system and sorted out financing options, your installer will commence the installation process. The duration of installation may vary depending on the size and complexity of the system.

Monitor and maintain your system

After the solar panels are installed, it's crucial to regularly monitor and maintain your system to ensure optimal performance. This includes periodic cleaning of the panels, inspecting for any damage, and replacing worn components as needed.

By following these steps, you can successfully get solar panels installed for your home, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy while potentially saving on electricity costs. Direct Power is always available to support you in realizing your solar energy goals.


Choosing a Top Solar Panel Installation Company

Direct Power is properly equipped and uniquely positioned to serve your Solar Panel installation needs, with the capability of setting up across the entire southeast. We have experience with all the utilities and municipalities and our installers are highly experienced and certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. We are masters of handling any solar panel system designs, from the most basic to the toughest and complex of projects, while ensuring our clients get the satisfaction they deserve.

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