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Enphase inverters are renowned for their superior performance and impressive system efficiency.



The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverters are specifically designed for residential solar installations.



Sol-Ark is a hybrid, battery-backed inverter and microinverter manufacturer.


Why Do I Need a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is a vital part of a solar panel system because it transforms the DC electricity produced by solar panels into AC electricity that can be used to power your home or business.


How do Inverters Work with Solar Panels

When sunlight hits the solar panels on your roof, they generate a unique type of electricity called direct current (DC). However, the electrical devices we use in our homes and businesses run on a different type of electricity called alternating current (AC). This is where a solar inverter comes in. It acts as a converter, transforming the DC electricity from the panels into AC electricity that can power your lights, appliances, and other electrical devices. In simple terms, a solar inverter ensures that the solar energy you generate is compatible with and usable by the devices you use every day.


What are the Benefits of Solar Inverters?

System Performance Enhancement

Solar inverters come with advanced features designed to maximize the performance of your solar panel system. One of these features is maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. This technology continuously adjusts the voltage and current of the solar panels to extract the maximum power from the sunlight. By doing so, it ensures that your solar panels operate at their highest efficiency, allowing you to generate more electricity from the available sunlight. This optimization feature helps you get the most out of your solar panels and maximize the energy output of your system.

Grid Connection

If you have a solar panel system and are connected to the electrical grid, a solar inverter allows you to share any extra electricity you produce with the grid. This is a great benefit known as net metering or feed-in tariff. With a solar inverter, the excess electricity from your panels is converted into the right type of AC electricity that the grid uses. This ensures that the electricity you send back to the grid matches its voltage and frequency. As a result, you can earn credits or receive compensation for the surplus electricity you contribute, making your solar investment even more rewarding.


Solar inverters prioritize the safety of your solar panel system, appliances, and the electrical grid. They are equipped with advanced monitoring capabilities that constantly track voltage, current, and temperature levels. In the event of any abnormalities or emergencies, such as a grid outage or overvoltage, the solar inverter automatically disconnects the solar panels from the grid, ensuring the protection of your system and preventing any potential damage. This safety feature provides peace of mind and safeguards your investment in solar energy.


Modernized solar inverters are designed with monitoring capabilities that enable you to gain valuable insights into your solar panel system's performance. These inverters can provide real-time data on energy production, allowing you to track and analyze the efficiency of your solar panels. By monitoring this data, you can identify any potential issues or areas of improvement, optimize your energy consumption patterns, and make informed decisions about your solar investment. This monitoring feature empowers you to maximize the benefits of your solar panel system and ensure its long-term success.


How Do I Get a Solar Inverter Installed?

It is important to seek the expertise of a professional solar installer like Direct Power for a safe and efficient installation of your solar inverter. They possess the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through the specific requirements and processes tailored to your location and solar panel system setup. Working with a professional ensures that the installation is performed correctly, adheres to industry standards, and maximizes the performance of your solar inverter.


Choosing a Top Solar Inverter Installation Company

Direct Power is properly equipped and uniquely positioned to serve your Solar Inverter installation needs. We have experience with all the utilities and municipalities and our installers are highly experienced and certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. We are masters of handling any solar panel system designs, from the most basic to the toughest and complex of projects, while ensuring our clients get the satisfaction they deserve.

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