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Benefits of Residential Solar Panels


Save More on Energy Bills

Installing an adequately sized solar panel system for your home will greatly reduce your energy dependence from the grid, allowing you save more and see less numbers on your monthly energy bill.


Energy Independence

You won't have to think about where to get electricity or when it will come back in the event of a power outage. Getting solar panels for your home will provide you independence from the grid and peace of mind when you need it most.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Unlike its fossil fuel powered counterpart, solar panels do not produce greenhouse gasses - the primary contributor of global warming. Apart from that, energy generation from solar panels does not produce any kind of noise.


What are the Benefits of Solar Panels for My Home?

Apart from the curb appeal and savings it can it can present, there are other benefits solar panels can do for you home:

Reduce the numbers you see on your energy bill

Generating your own power will mean you will no longer be using much energy from the grid, which means a lower monthly utility bill.

Earn tax credits and rebates

Each municipality and utility company will have it’s own unique rules for how to credit you for the production of your panels. Apart from the credits and compensation a solar panel system owner can have, all Americans are eligible to receive up to 30% tax credit if they choose to have a solar panel system installed in their home. This is all thanks to the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit that the Congress passed.

Boost in home value

Solar panel systems are seen as upgrades - like a well made patio or a finished swimming pool - so having a solar panel system installed in your home will definitely increase its resale value.

Apart from that, studies have shown that homes that have a solar panel system installed get sold faster because folks are willing to pay a premium for a solar home. Typically the home appreciates immediately by the 105% of the cost of the solar systems we install.

Will give you energy independence

A solar panel system is capable of powering up a whole household even on days that sunlight isn't readily available, provided that a battery is connected to the system. With less usage and generation from the grid, your city will have less of a chance of power usage overloads.

Help the environment

Unlike its fossil fuel powered counterpart, solar energy presents the least negative impact on the environment. Greenhouse gasses are not produced and it doesn't pollute the water in its generation. It also doesn't require much water to work compared to nuclear power plants.

Apart from that, generating solar power doesn't produce noise. This is important since solar panel systems are usually used in residential areas - making the HOA love you even more.


How Do I Get Solar Panels Installed for my Home?

So, you’re ready to go solar? Good for you! Before we get into installing, there are a couple of steps to follow before you can start reaping the benefits of going solar - and Direct Power are always here to help you put this plan in motion.

Examine your home's energy usage

Examining a household's energy usage should be the first priority when it comes to planning to power your home using solar. Homeowners should be aware of how much power they use in a month, and to check out inexpensive and easy to install hardware before going solar.

Check out these valuable resources to minimize energy usage:

Energy audit for your home

A home energy audit will aid in knowing where electricity is misused. Being aware of spots where losses occur will also help create steps to correct it.

Usage of Appliances and Electronics

Efficient usage of appliances and electronics will greatly help in minimizing energy usage. You can also opt to invest in highly efficient goods.

Lighting Convert to LED light bulbs. This type of lighting is proven to be fully energy efficient.

Heating and cooling

Weatherizing your home efficiently will highly cut down the energy you need to generate from your solar panel system.

Gauge your solar potential

Solar panel technologies use both direct and scattered sunlight to generate electricity, that's why it's best to first gauge how much is the sunlight potential in your location. However, the quantity of the energy produced by a solar panel system in an area will also depend on the ability of how much of the sun's energy reaches, apart from the size of the system itself.

The good news is, there are several mapping tools that can help determine your home's solar energy potential. Direct Power use such tools to properly navigate and provide you with an accurate assessment of your solar potential.

Apart from that, there are also other things to consider:

Nearby trees

Contractors, like Direct Power, will help assess shading. But it's also important to examine your and your neighbor's growing trees as they could shade your solar panel system once they have grown.

Maturity of your roof

If you think you need to replace your roof in a few years, it's best to make that improvement before going solar. The panels will be installed on the roof - what better way to take care of your solar panels than to make sure where they lean on is also fool-proof. Better yet, you might want to consider going for solar integrated roofing.

Homeowner's Association (HOA)

Nowadays, some states have "solar rights provisions''. These provisions help limit the power to act of HOAs to regulate solar panel installations. Take note, these provisions are different from state to state and by municipality, that's why it's still best to look in your own HOA rules and regulations and state laws.

Classify your solar energy needs

Gathering information about your home's energy use will make it easy for your contractor to give you specifics on the size and type of solar panel system you should get.

Analyzing your electric bills will help you determine which months of the year you use more energy (every summer when you use air conditioning, every winter when you use your heater) and eventually your annual energy needs. Some utility
companies offer tools that can help and are normally found online.

Apart from that, it's also going to be helpful to consider future changes in your household, such as if you're planning on
getting an electric vehicle. Planning changes like these will determine whether your energy usage will increase or decrease.

Get site assessments and bids from licensed solar installers

Searching for qualified and insured professionals is important when choosing a solar installer. Like other solar installers, Direct Power got its certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. You can also ask friends and family members who recently chose to go solar for references or check resources online for further reviews.

When it comes to holding inquiry with installers, there are questions that are worth asking.

  1. Ask if the company is aware about local permitting and interconnection processes.

    Fulfilling and obtaining permits for building and interconnections can be tedious. Make sure that the installer you're thinking of hiring is acquainted with local processes and procedures. Doing so will ensure that your solar panel system is installed and connected in a timely manner.

  2. Ask for references of their work from their former clients in the area.

    Engage with their former clients in the community to know about any hurdles they have faced and how the company helped them come up with a solution.

  3. Ask if they are properly licensed and certified.

    Solar panel systems should only be installed by certified and licensed installers. To make sure of this, your installer or subcontractor should be able to present a valid electrician's license. Apart from that, local building departments may also require your installer to present a general contractor's license. You can also get in touch with your city or county to know more information on licensing.

  4. Ask about the warranty of the solar panel system and how it works.

    A solar panel system that is endorsed by a strong and effective warranty is usually an indication that the quality of the equipment that will be used for the installation is top notch. Standard warranty lasts for 20 years for solar panels and 10 years for inverters. It's also important to clarify whose responsibility it is to maintain and repair the system should it need one.

  5. Ask if their company has any active or pending liens or judgements against them.

    Like any other undertakings, due diligence is urged. Your city or county's state electrical board can give you
    information about any complaints against a state-licensed electrician. You can also get in touch with the Better
    Business Bureau for more information.

    In addition to everything that was said above, bids should also clearly show the maximum generating capacity of the solar panel system. It should be measured in Watts (W) or kilowatts (kW). To help with the comparison of your existing energy bills versus the estimated energy your solar panel system will produce, you can also request for an estimate of the amount of power your system will produce from the installer.

    Bids should also have the total cost of the solar panel system when it's already turned on, counting installation, hardware, permits, grid connection, sales tax and warranty.

Work with your installer to get the proper permits

If you're looking to start going solar, your chosen installer should be able to assist you in completing needed permits and steps. Your installer will also be the one that will establish the right size for your system as well as making sure that all equipment is installed properly - panels that are correctly installed and oriented help maximize the solar energy your system receives and produces.

If you're looking to start going solar, your chosen installer should be able to assist you in completing needed permits and steps. Your installer will also be the one that will establish the right size for your system as well as making sure that all equipment is installed properly - panels that are correctly installed and oriented help maximize the solar energy your system receives and produces.


Choosing a Top Residential Solar Panel Installation Company

Direct Power is properly equipped and uniquely positioned to serve your Solar Panel installation needs, with the capability of setting up across the entire southeast. We have experience with all the utilities and municipalities and our installers are highly experienced and certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. We are masters of handling any solar panel system designs, from the most basic to the toughest and complex of projects, while ensuring our clients get the satisfaction they deserve.

Do you want to learn more about going solar? Direct Power is here to help. Contact us to get a free quote or call us at 855-786-6957.

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Residential Solar Panel Options



Aptos Solar Panels is committed to providing customers with the finest technology available in the industry, ensuring the best value for their investment.



AXITEC has established itself as a leading global manufacturer of solar modules, energy storages, and EV chargers, earning a solid reputation over the years.



Panasonic firmly believes in the transformative power of technology to improve our world. With a focus on creating practical, high-quality products.



Hanwha Qcells is a vertically integrated and fully bankable solar solution provider that has established a global presence and market access.



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Silfab Solar is a renowned leader in North America for manufacturing ultra-high-efficiency, top-quality solar panels.


Home Solar Services We Offer


Solar Panel Installation

Looking to start generating your own power and gain independence from the grid while saving more of your hard earned cash? The best time to go solar is now!


EV Charger Installation

Do you have an EV and want to charge it all the way up efficiently without the hassle of getting to a station and at the same time cut down on costs? Get an EV Charger installed in your home! There are only benefits to gain if you already have a solar panel system installed in your home.


Solar Battery Backup

Gaining energy independence is one of the reasons why people choose to go solar. This can be made possible by having a solar battery back up partnered with your solar panel panel system.


Solar Powered Generator

A generator that doesn't require fuel to run is not only a great way to help conserve the environment, but it's also a great way to easily and efficiently harness power from the sun and use it instantaneously without the hassle of using a machine with many moving parts.


Roof Replacement

2.3 million homes in the US replace their roofs each year. Are you going to be one of them soon? Why not consider installing a new roof that can be
integrated with a solar panel system? Apart from the curb appeal it can give, it also can provide better benefits than normal roofing.

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