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Nashville, Tennessee Solar Statistics


MW over the next 5 years

52% of the costs fell

Over the last 10 years


Powered homes by solar panels

$900 million

Total Solar Investment in State


Going Solar in Nashville, Tennessee

Direct Power will help you determine your home’s energy requirements and will assist in maximizing your solar panel system’s potential in producing power thus making sure that going Solar in Nashville is a good investment. We'll use the information we get to design a suitable solar panel system for your home ensuring beautiful curb appeal.


Solar Incentives, Tax Credit, and Rebates in Nashville, Tennessee

Federal Tax Credit

If your solar panel system is installed before the end of 2032, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy 30% off from the entire cost of the system. By 2033, the federal tax credit will be reduced to 26%.

Incentives in TN

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • 50% Grant for Rural Commercial Projects through USDA
  • Up to $5/sqft Federal Tax Incentive for Commercial Projects
  • Sales tax exemption on solar
  • Commercial customers get up to $30,000 through Duke Energy
  • Nonprofit customers get up to $75,000 through Duke Energy
  • Residential Customers get up to $5400 for batteries through Duke Energy
  • Residential Customers get up to $3600 for solar through Duke Energy

Dispersed Power Program

The TVA announced the “Dispersed Power Program” in lieu of net metering. The Dispersed Power Program works like net metering but the TVA is the one who will set the maximum credits you get for sending power back.

Sales Tax Exemption

Installing a solar panel system in your home or business in Nashville, Tennessee will exempt you from sales tax. 6.25 - 8.25% of the starting cost will be shaved off. You don’t have to do anything to have that applied on the payments you’ll make because Direct Power will take care of that for you.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits

*FITC is a 30% tax credit on the total cost of your system and applies to both individuals and corporations. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit. You must have taxable income to take advantage of this credit. If you don’t have tax liability, meaning you won’t owe taxes at the end of the year, we can help you out with a lower rate. Schedule a time to speak with someone on our team regarding your personal situation and how we can help.


Why Choose Direct Power in Nashville, Tennessee?

So why choose Direct Power for your solar project? Direct Power ensures the following on every job:

The BEST price (10-40% cheaper than our competition)

A high quality installation

A fast installation time, guaranteed 60 days or less from start to finish

Superior warranties

Best financing options available

A dedicated design specialist to ensure you get the right design for you. A dedicated finance expert to walk you through all the options. And a dedicated concierge, to guide you through the process from start to finish and for anything you may need in the future.


Benefits of Going Solar in Nashville, Tennessee

One of the reasons why the state of Tennessee is in great condition to effectively maximize solar panel capabilities is because it has 207 sunny days a year…and there’s a lot more.

Increased Savings

Reducing the increasingly painful numbers you see on your energy bill will definitely brighten your day. So why not do it for your power bill? A homeowner can expect to receive a decade-long discount once a solar panel system is installed in their home.

Helping to Save the Environment

Having solar panels installed in your home, office, or anyplace else will help live an eco-friendly life.

Increased Property Value

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s research has shown that would-be homeowners are willing to pay an extra $15,000 for a home that has an average-sized solar panel system installed. Solar panels are seen as an upgrade that buyers are willing to shell out extra cash to.

New Technology

With Tesla’s production of one of the first viable EV (electric vehicle) and its success of bringing it mainstream increases the need for charging ports. These vehicles were produced with being eco-friendly in mind. However, if they use charging ports that use power that comes from burning fossil fuels, it will defeat the purpose. The good news here is that solar panels and electric vehicles are perfect for each other.

Low Maintenance

2 to 4 times a year - the recommended number of times you should wash your solar panels (no special tools or chemicals needed). Either you hose it down or use a leaf blower. It’s that easy!


Choosing a Solar Installer in Nashville, Tennessee

Things you have to consider when choosing solar panels and installation experts:

Warranty coverage

Length of service

Services offered

Service area and headquarters

Industry affiliations

Customer experience

Pricing and financing

Warranty coverage

There’s two types of warranty that solar panels normally come with: Performance warranty and Equipment warranty.

Performance warranty on solar panels guarantees 90% production for 10 years, then 80% for 25 years. Equipment warranty on solar panels guarantees 10 to 12 years of usage without failing.

Length of service

The age of a company isn’t exactly always the best indicator of expertise, however, a lot of solar veterans have more than a decade of experience tied to their names. It is advised that homeowners should search for companies who have more experience in solar panel installation in their state to ensure they have the competence needed to offer recommendation on your home solar project. At Direct Power, we only use highly qualified installers that meet our stringent requirements and have passed our extensive training program.

Services offered

Expertise in roofing, energy efficiency audits and upgrades is helpful expertise that your chosen solar company should have. Should you need repairs, they can quickly come to your aid. Knowing that the knowledge of the solar company you’re planning to work with isn’t limited to solar panel installation will definitely bring you confidence in deciding to hire them to work on your property.

Service area and headquarters

The company you choose should be able to respond quickly and help you fix your problem thoroughly in case of back-up battery or inverter failure. This is one important reason why choosing a company that services your area is important.

Industry affiliations

The certifications a solar company has will show that they uphold industry standards and thoroughly follow the best practices for solar installation. These are the certifications that you should be looking for when you’re trying to hire a solar company:

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)

Apart from that, the solar company you hire should operate with the proper contracting and business licenses. You can check that out by going to IREC’s National Solar Licensing Database.

Customer Experience

Look at the reviews a solar company receives from their customers. You can do that by looking at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google Reviews, on their Facebook pages, or Yelp. Here, you can find truthful reviews from real Nashville, Tennessee customers.

Pricing and Financing

When choosing a solar company to work with, take note of the following:

One of their biggest focuses should be on educating clients about incentives to help lower the costs. Rebates, renewable energy credits, federal and state tax credits, and application assistance should all be part of the financing discussion.

They should offer flexible down payments, payment plans, interest rates and loan partners.

They should provide free quotes

Solar panels are a significant investment but in many cases, there are substantial tax rebates and credits available.


Are Solar Panels Worth it in Nashville, Tennessee?

Installing solar panels in residential and commercial properties in the state of Tennessee (focusing on the city of Nashville) is a worthwhile and profitable investment. Residents in the area save an average of $19,688 over the lifespan of their systems. Apart from the savings it includes, it also helps avoid the usage of fossil fuels to produce power, making the world a better place to live in


Hire a Top Solar Installation Company In Nashville, Tennessee

Direct Power is uniquely positioned to serve your solar needs in the state of Tennessee with the capability of installing across the entire state (Including the city of Nashville). We have experience with all the utilities and municipalities. Our installers are top notch and experienced. We are capable of handling the toughest projects or the most basic, but however complex your project is, we ensure your satisfaction.

Do you want to learn more about going solar in Nashville? Direct Power is here to help. Contact us to get a free quote or call us at 855-786-6957.

*Tax and credits or incentives including those provided by federal, state, or local governments may change or end. Please consult your tax professional to understand any liabilities or tax credit eligibility that may result from your solar purchase.

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